I am a 2nd-year undergraduate music student at Oxford, hoping to eventually enter a career in journalism or academia.

I have always had a thirst for knowledge and debate. It was this that drove me to do a music degree at Oxford, where the course focuses on rigorous deconstruction and formal analysis. In my spare time, however, I have maintained my interests in politics and journalism, becoming the Executive Editor of Oriel College’s newspaper The Poor Print and contributing articles to Oxford-wide newspapers such as Cherwell.

The content on this site reflects that wide range of interests: some of the articles draw on my musical expertise, while others are more political; there is also the occasional cartoon. A complete list of all the content on this site, sorted by category, can be found here.

The Poor Print

As well as the content to be found on this site, I have also produced many collaborative pieces with classmates through Oriel College’s The Poor Print newspaper. As Executive Editor since July 2016, my role includes:

  • Planning future issues and the overall direction of the newspaper.
  • Directing the design of a fortnightly print edition with a circulation of approximately 150.
  • Managing a highly successful website and Facebook page.
  • Commissioning & copy-editing articles.
  • Promoting new issues and directing the design of promotional material.
  • Managing finances.

Over my tenure, I have striven to improve the identity of the paper, moving it beyond a miscellany of Oriel College’s creativity and towards a publication with its own unique character. Among other things, this has involved leading several special projects with The Poor Print‘s Editorial Team.

As part of Issue #15, themed around ‘Utopia’, I conceived and led  the ‘Stories of Oxford’ project. This involved interviewing four members of the Oxford homeless community, transcribing their interviews, and editing them into a form that we could publish on a special insert in The Poor Print. Our aim was to capture the voices of the people we were interviewing and represent them faithfully and objectively.

As part of Issue #18 (themed around ‘Myth’), I  conceived, commissioned and edited a Poor Print special report on Cecil Rhodes, Rhodes Must Fall, and the statue at Oriel College. The report was entitled ‘The Myth of Rhodes’, and I also contributed one of the articles and carried out a large amount of additional research and fact-checking. The report was originally published on Friday, 28 April 2017, and Issue #18 as a whole was also designed in its entirety by Alex Waygood. The report consisted of six features (one of which was only online), plus a Complete Bibliography and a list of suggested Further Reading. The report can be read online in its entirety here; or alternatively, for links to the individual articles, see below:

A pdf of Issue #18 in its entirety can be downloaded here.

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