Shallow Dive: A Politics Podcast


A weekly podcast discussing politics and policy, presented by Alex Waygood and Murray Jones. Music used in this podcast is by the user Sub-d, and is licensed under a Creative Commons 0 license.

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It could be put off no longer: we finally talk about coronavirus (and other things…) Further reading here.

Shallow Dive #6: Refugees, Mali & Old Man Joe

Turkey is encouraging refugees to head to Greece and the EU aren’t happy. Meanwhile climate change is only going to make the problem worse, on a global scale. Also British troops are heading to Mali. Further reading here.


#5: India, NIMBYs, Bedbugs & Biden

India is struck with ethnic violence , France is overrun with bedbugs, and we ask: are local councils preventing action on climate change? Further reading here.


#4: Immigration Talking Points

The government brings out its plan for a points-based immigration system, the Democratic Party holds yet another debate in its quest to find a nominee to take on Donald Trump, and we ask: is every billionaire a policy failure? Further reading here.


#3: Justice, Badgers, & the BBC

The rule of law is under attack everywhere, it seems, but Ecuador. Plus Donald Trump’s many questions about badgers, and we ask: should the licence fee be scrapped? Further reading here.


#2: Chaos in Iowa, and the case for regulating Facebook

The Iowa Caucuses descended into chaos, Russian police have been convicted of busting their own drug den, and we ask: should the government step in to save Facebook from itself? Further reading here.


#1: Huawei, & the case for open borders

The government decides to allow Huawei into the UK’s 5G infrastructure, a rare sighting of a Bolivian glass frog, and we ask: are open borders the way to go? Further reading here.