Shallow Dive #1: Huawei, & the case for open borders


The government decides to allow Huawei into the UK’s 5G infrastructure, a rare sighting of a Bolivian glass frog, and we ask: are open borders the way to go?

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Further Reading

Johnson’s controversial decision to allow Huawei in.

The Huawei move is unpopular with his own party.

British foreign policy, caught in an awkward place between the US and China.

Context to US concerns over Huawei.

Huawei: a security issue? Or a trade issue?

5G technology, explained.

The Chinese are not – as was asserted in the podcast – believed to have infiltrated election infrastructure in the US. They are, however, engaged in an increasingly aggressive espionage operation against the US.

5G technology might ruin our weather forecasts.

Peru’s opposition leader arrested.

Netanyahu indicted.

Ex-King Albert of Belgium forced to take a DNA test.

job going at the Tate.

rare sighting of a Bolivian glass frog.

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